Black Royalty Minerals

Black Royalty Minerals is a subsidiary of the Makole Group, in 2018 it launched its first colliery in Bronkhorstspruit, a small town east of Pretoria.

Chilwavhusiku Colliery is the first mining operation project owned by Black Royalty Minerals. It became operational in the last quarter of 2017 and has contracted Stefanutti Stocks as the mining contractor. The mine supplies coal to primarily inland customers and is currently working on export contracts.

BRM’s development plans for the Bronkhorstspruit community include ensuring that over 80% of its colliery workforce are sourced from surrounding communities; investing in promising young students by offering them tertiary education bursaries; and outsourcing to and collaborating with local business in advancing the economic circumstances of the community.

Makole Group’s strategy is two-pronged – maintaining and growing our South African operations, integral to which is diversifying Black Royalty Minerals’ mineral resources assets and revenue streams such as export opportunities.

Black Royalty minerals has substantial growth plans and is currently exploring other coal mining assets, as well as other minerals throughout South Africa.

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